The Starbites: Taste of Desert пристигнува во 2024 за PS5, Xbox Series S|X и PC

The Starbites: Taste of Desert што е многу забавно Turn-based RPG ќе пристигне за PlayStation 5, Xbox Series и PC преку Steam во 2024 година, објави корејскиот развивач IKINAGAMES.

Преглед на играта, преку нејзината страница Steam:

The story of a girl’s growth and adventure on the vast desert planet “Bitter.” Bitter is a planet that has become a desert due to the influence of space war. The fate of a girl who was making a living in search of parts or treasures that fell in the desert due to the traces of war begins to change completely due to the “Oracle.” AI becoming aggressive, abnormalities all over the planet… Explore Bitter’s hidden secrets and build relationships with various characters to learn new information. The Starbites: Taste of Desert collects materials from the field and strengthens Mecca. It is a story-type RPG that grows with the friends you meet on your adventure.

Key Features

  • Delight City, Where People of Their Own Circumstances Live on the Planet Bitter
    • Delight City, which is in the form of a tower, is a pleasant and free city. Although little by little it’s submerged in the sand. People who gather in the city trade their own materials and information to live from day to day.
    • The city has a “hidden area” that no one has ever found. Discover a variety of NPCs and special objects to get clues, and proceed with the story to unlock a new floor.
  • Adventure by Exploring Desert Planets and Discovering New Areas
    • In each chapter, there is a scary boss and a stronger new ally awaiting you. What kind of world do they know? Meet your allies, build strong relationships, and listen to their stories.
    • Go on an adventure with your mecha, a reliable partner who will protect you in the desolate desert! The world made of sand is wide, and the secrets hidden within it are even bigger.
  • Strengthen Your Mecha’s Core with Materials from Your Adventure
    • You can win rewards by knocking down enemies in battle, or you can strengthen your mecha by collecting materials while walking around the field. Transform your mecha into your own style and enjoy the game!
    • Freely strengthen your mecha based on tricky enemies and terrain.
  • Turn-Based Battles Where You Control the Camera
    • Enjoy thrilling battles by organizing a party with allies and a unique mecha!
    • There is a “synergy” that applies depending on your party members. Feel the charm of changing the flow of the battlefield by organizing parties according to the situation. Destroy your enemy’s strategy by forming various combinations and solving battles to your advantage!


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Во видеото објавено на социјалните мрежи, „вистинскиот“ Џокер ги повтори своите размислувања од неговото претходно видео. Тој покажа кон ликот од играта рамо до рамо со негова слика, повторувајќи постојано дека е јасно од кого е инспириран тој лик.

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